Blue Valley Car Hire FAQs

Below are some of the questions we are asked most frequently at Blue Valley Car Hire. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

How do I cancel my booking?

Bookings can be cancelled online or by calling the CarTrawler Reservation Team.

Alternatively use the link provided in your confirmation email.

NOTE: Cancellation fees may apply depending on the supplier and the time at which the cancellation is made as detailed in your Rental Terms and Conditions. It is recommended to cancel the booking at the earliest available opportunity to avoid charges.

How can I pay for the booking?

Most major credit and debit cards can be used for online payments, but you will need to provide a credit card at the rental desk when you collect your vehicle. This is because a security deposit is required for the vehicle. The deposit takes the form of an amount (minimum: Excess + Fuel + VAT) being blocked on the primary driver’s credit card.

American Express, cash deposits, Maestro, Switch and debit cards such as Visa Electron are not generally accepted.

Some companies such as Goldcar accept Visa/Mastercard debit cards in some locations but will require you to take out their full insurance cover.

NOTE: It is important to ensure that your credit card has enough funds to cover the blocked amount. The blocked amount will not be debited from your credit card, but will not be available until the rental car is returned.

Are my credit card details safe if I book a car with Blue Valley Car Hire?

Credit card transactions are performed over a secure internet connection.

Do we pay for the vehicle in advance?

Many of our bookings are part-paid - typically around 15% is paid in advance when you book, the remainder is paid when you collect the vehicle. Some suppliers require the full payment in advance, and this will be indicated when you get your quote.

What is the Fuel Policy?

The fuel policy varies with different suppliers, but will be identified in the Terms and Conditions on the "Rental Conditions" link when you get a quote.

Many fuel policies in Spain and Portugal are "Pre-purchase with partial refund" whereby you will be charged for a full tank of fuel, and refunded for unused fuel minus an administrative fee. The administrative fee should be stated on the "Rental Conditions" link.

If you have a Collect Full/Return Full policy please ensure the tank is filled at a fuel station close to the drop-off location or some companies will charge an Administration Fee.

What is CDW Insurance?

CDW Insurance covers the rental vehicle in the event of damage to the rental vehicle. In most cases it will also cover theft of the vehicle. There will usually be an excess amount (i.e. a CDW excess) on the policy. The excess amount depends on the car type i.e. the group.

Read more about CDW Insurance.

What Insurance Cover Should I Purchase?

There are 2 ways to purchase higher levels of insurance cover:

  • Purchase insurance from the rental company at the airport when you collect the vehicle. This tends to be more expensive but will not require you to make a separate insurance claim.
  • ORPurchase the AXA insurance offered when you book online - this covers the CDW excess and additional items such as tyre and glass damage. The AXA insurance does not provide cover for the rental vehicle with the rental company, so the purchaser will be liable to pay the rental company for any damage, and make a separate claim from AXA. The AXA insurance will usually be cheaper than purchasing insurance direct the rental company.
If you purchase the AXA Insurance you do not need to purchase insurance from the rental company at the desk.

How can I collect my vehicle if my flight arrives late at night?

For vehicle collection late at night there will normally be an out of hours charge. In winter this is typically for vehicle collection after 10PM and in summer for collection after 11PM.

You will be asked to provide your flight number when you book, so the rental company representative will wait for the flight if it is delayed.

What happens when I book a vehicle?

You should receive an email shortly after making your booking. If you do not receive an email please contact us as there may be a problem with the email address. You will receive a Reservation Number with the email.

Depending on vehicle availability, it may take up to 48 hours for your booking to be confirmed (it can be up to 72 for larger vehicles in very busy periods).

When your booking is confirmed you will receive an email containing information about the supplier and how to collect the vehicle. Please print this information which includes the Reservation Number and take it with you when you travel.

In some cases where there is limited availability e.g. for 7/9 seaters in peak times, if a vehicle is unavailable from the original supplier, we may be able to offer an alternative with a different supplier. You can choose to accept or decline the vehicle.

Your Rental Voucher

What is a rental voucher and why do I need one?

Your rental voucher is a document which will be emailed to you and must be printed and produced at the rental desk when you pick-up your vehicle. If you do not produce your voucher at the time of collection of the vehicle, the car rental supplier may apply a different rate than quoted or refuse to rent the vehicle. We cannot accept any appeal for a refund if you do not produce your voucher at the rental desk.

Reservation Details

You can access your rental voucher here. Please print or take an electronic copy the of the voucher to the rental counter along with your driving licence and the credit card.

What happens if I do not take my voucher with me?

If you do not produce your voucher at the time of collection of the vehicle, the car rental supplier may apply a different rate than quoted or refuse to rent the vehicle. We cannot accept any appeal for a refund if you do not produce your voucher at the rental desk.

What documentation do I need to take with me to the rental desk?

You will typically need to bring

  • Your confirmation voucher
  • Your driver licence and a second form of ID. UK licence holders may need a vehicle Check Code. An International Driver's License (IDL) is required if your national driver's license is not in the Roman alphabet (i.e. Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese). International driver's license must be accompanied by the original domestic license of the driver.
  • A valid credit card in the driver's name, with sufficient credit for your deposit.
  • You may also be asked for additional identification papers such as a utility bill.
  • If you plan on adding additional drivers to your contract, all drivers must be present at the counter and present their driver licence.

Please check the rental conditions for further details.

Cross Border Travel Policy

What are cross border or territorial restrictions?

Cross border or territorial restrictions mean that you may not be permitted to travel to another country from the country you rented the vehicle. Please read the Terms and Conditions of your rental to confirm which countries you will be allowed to travel to during your rental. For further information, we would advise you to ring your rental agent. Cross border travel typically entails additional fees. Please call your rental agent to confirm the exact fee.

Age Restrictions

What are age restrictions?

Age restrictions are set by the car rental agent. Due to insurance restrictions, the car rental agent may have a minimum or maximum age of the driver they can rent to. You may find any age restriction applying to your rental in the rental conditions Some car rental agents also have a young or senior driver's fee for specific age groups.

Extras/ Special Equipment

I have booked a baby/booster for my child. Where can I see this confirmed in my booking?

We unfortunately cannot confirm or guarantee you will receive the baby seat or booster seat you booked, or any other optional extras or special equipment. If you requested any of these optional extras during the booking process, they will appear on your confirmation voucher once your booking has been confirmed. These extras are not included in the price quoted and they must be paid for on arrival. We would advise you to ring the car rental agent ahead of your arrival to confirm they will be able to provide you with the optional extras you requested.

I have booked additional drivers. Where can I see if this is confirmed in my booking?

Once the vehicle is confirmed please check your booking voucher. The voucher has a section which shows the addition extras you have booked for example baby seats, booster seats or additional drivers. These extras are not included in the price quoted and must be paid for on arrival.

We recommend that if you book an inclusive deal with a CDW excess, that you purchase CDW cover either as offered with the quote, or with the rental vehicle supplier

What is Vehicle Theft Waiver?

It is an insurance limiting your liability to the excess amount in case of theft of the vehicle. This insurance is included in most of our rates, however, please check it is so in your rental conditions before you arrive at the rental desk.

Please note if the vehicle is stolen and you cannot return the key i.e. you were negligent and left the key in a prominent and vulnerable location, you may be liable for the full cost of the vehicle.

Can you explain what the Liability Insurance is?

It is an insurance limiting your liability for any damage caused to other people and/or other people's property. It is usually limited to a maximum of 1,000,000 Euros. The insurance is limited and there may be excess which means that you may be liable for any amount over and above the value of the insurance.

Is Break Down Assistance included?

Most of our rates include Breakdown assistance; we would advise you to read your rental conditions to check it is included in your rate. All car rental agents have national assistance should the renter require it. Please ask at your local desk for the number and contact details at the time of rental.

How do I reduce the excess on the vehicle? Can I take out additional insurances to reduce it?

You can purchase additional insurances to reduce the excess on the vehicle. This can be done online at the time of booking, or at the car rental agent's office on arrival. A pre-authorisation may be required, even if you have purchased additional insurances. This pre- authorisation is taken from your credit card. Please see your rental conditions for further details.

Licence Information

What is an international driver's licence and why do I need one?

The International Driving Licence (IDL) sometimes referred to as an International Drivers Permit is recognised worldwide as a valuable document that identifies its holder as a licensed driver when your licence is not in the same language as the country in which you are driving. You must also produce a National Driver's Licence with this licence; otherwise it will not be accepted.

In Europe you may receive a fine if you are stopped by the police driving a rental vehicle if you do not have an International Licence with you in the vehicle.

Do I need both parts of my British licence to rent a vehicle?

If you have the new photo ID licence you must take the paper counterpart as well. If you do not present both the card and the counterpart you may not get the vehicle. If your licence is not written in Roman characters (e.g. Russian, Chinese, etc.), you will need to obtain an international driver's permit before you travel from your country of residence.

What type of licence is needed for larger vehicles such as minibuses?

Usually 9 seats is the maximum permitted, but some European countries only allow 7. Find out more about minibus rental in Europe.

Can I collect and return the rental vehicle at different locations?

This is possible for some locations. If you are planning to collect and return in a different country e.g. collect in Spain / return in Portugal, it may work out cheaper to hire 2 separate cars, returning each in the country in which they were collected.

Can you drive with a UK licence in Europe after Brexit?

Latest advice from www.gov.co.uk.

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