Roman Forum in Rome

Italy Guide

Whether you are interested in art and culture, historical sites, food and wine or simply wonderful beaches, weather and scenery, Italy offers something for everyone.

Italy's premier destination is Rome, the cultural capital of Europe. With the ancient amphitheatre of the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps, The Trevi Fountain and the Vatican and a breath-taking array of well-preserved Roman heritage sites, Rome is the perfect destination for those with an interest in history.

You can go skiing in the Alps or take a trek around the Dolomites. If you are looking for historic buildings, art and beautiful scenery then Florence is recommended. Hillside town of Positano

Naples offers a mix of all the above, with easy access to Pompeii, the Herculaneum, the cobbled streets of Sorrento, and the spectacular Amalfi coastline. For a romantic weekend break the Italian capital of Rome is the perfect weekend getaway.

Don't miss the picturesque town of Positano to the south of Naples which is built on a coastal hill, and many believe is the most picturesque in all of Italy.

For spectacular coastline the Amalfi coast to the south of Naples has some of the best coastline views in Europe.

Visitor suggestions

Amalfi coast in southern Italy

Florence: The Uffizi Gallery is home some of Italy's finest paintings by artists including Da Vinci and Botticelli.

Pompeii (near Naples): The site of the eruption of the Mount Vesuvias volcano in 79AD.

Rome: Home to the Coliseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum and the Vatican.

Venice: Venice is the location favoured by coupes looking for a romantic holiday in the city which is built on water.

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Which Airport?

With so many large cities in Italy, there are many international airports including Rome (Fiumicino and Ciampino), Pisa, Milan, Naples and Florence. These are serviced by almost all the major airlines.

For beach holidays Bari, Rimini, Alghero and Cagliari (Sardinia) and Palermo (Sicily) are located close to some of the best Italian beaches.

Most of the budget airlines offer low cost flights to Italy, with the best deals offered outside the busy holiday period of May-September.

Ryanair have some excellent value flights to cities such as Pisa, Rome and Naples, with prices particularly low from November to March.

When to Visit

Spring and autumn are perfect for site-seeing in Italy when temperatures should still be warm, especially in the south. Summer is the best time to head for the beaches when temeperatures regularly hit 30+ degrees and can feel oppressive in the large cities.

In winter the weather is generally mild from Rome southward, and along most of the Mediterranean coastline, with the best of the winter sunshine in Sicily. In land and to the north, winter temperatures are a lot colder with Milan and Turin generally in single figures in the daytimes.

The skiing season in most Italian resorts is from late November to mid-April.